Are you an athlete and constantly exposed to high pressure and extreme conditions? To resist to this, your body needs to work perfectly. CIVITA can help you to find a diet that suits your type and needs, so you are in your best possible shape.

CIVITA offers athletes…

  • Nutritional coaching
  • Consulting and knowledge (when to eat? what and how much?)
  • Support over a defined period, so you can get used to new habits and integrate them into your daily life and schedule. Once you are living it, consequently, it will be much easier to continue

CIVITA is right for you as an athlete, if you ...

  • want to perform better and achieve better results
  • want to recuperate more quickly, and therefore improve your training and get ready for your next competition in less time
  • want to strengthen your immune system
  • want to develop your mental strength
  • are looking for a diet that suits perfectly your goals, your sport and your personal situation
  • want to protect yourself better against injuries

Sport academies, clubs and studios

It is mainly young high performance athletes, who are still growing, that train in sport academies. The demands of energy are accordingly high. Most of them live and eat in the academy. But unfortunately, often the culinary offerings are everything but healthy and fueling (energy-providing).

CIVITA offers sport academies, clubs and studios:

  • Individual consulting
  • Speeches and workshops for coaches, parents and kids
  • Long-term cooperations, in which CIVITA is a fixed partner and part of the academy’s offer and image
  • The development of concepts for a performance-orientated (bedürfnisgerecht) diet for the academy’s athletes
  • Training of the kitchen staff
  • Quality control
  • Support and presence during events, to spread our idea and concept

CIVITA is the right partner for you, if the following points matter to you:

  • Well-performing athletes and a good reputation
  • Distinction among your competition
  • Better nourishment of your own employees
  • Calm parents
  • Happy clients
  • Hitting the zeitgeist

Thanks to Amrei’s coaching I now eat very differently and have a completely new body sensation. I feel fit and better in my body than I have felt in a long time.

Gabriel Leal
Tennis player and trainer

I used to carry a bag of snickers or M & M’s with me, assuming, that that way I would be able to keep my energy level up over the day. When I started to eat differently, thanks to Amrei, it took only a few months until I realized through my own body, through drastic changes, how a new way of eating represented for my daily routine, my well-being and my general state of health. This process has not only reinforced my interest in healthy nutrition, but I am a lot more autonomous and confident in my choices. I am very grateful for that.

Oliver Hernandez von Huene
Tennis trainer

During the 20th Mallorca Seniors Open 2015 ITF Grade 1, the biggest senior tournament in the world, Amrei Korte provided the players with healthy snacks.
This positive initiative was greatly appreciated by all players.

Helge Albrecht
Tournament director

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