The health of the employees has a direct impact on the success of the company. With CIVITA you will do good for your employees and, in consequence, also for your company!

The offer of CIVITA can have a positive impact on your employees’ health, and therefore on your company. Studies have shown that the ROI of health-promoting measures can be up to 1:6.

CIVITA is the right partner for you, if the following points matter to you:

  • Happy employees, and with that, a lower employee turnover rate, better performance and less loss of motivation
  • A good team atmosphere, and with that, a higher individual and collective performance, more fun at work, a strong team spirit and efficient teamwork
  • To be an attractive employer for good employees, which represents a good standing in the job market
  • A reduction in the mental illness of your employees (as body and mind are strongly connected)
  • Less performance slumps for your employees over the day
  • To show your employees your appreciation
  • Loyal employees, who identify themselves with your company
  • Less work accidents

For several projects, Amrei has advised us with her very profound knowledge about cooking and nutrition. Her expertise has helped us to better understand our clients and to advise them in a more purposeful way. Many thanks for that!

Axel Rockmann
Head of Business to Business, Ray Sono

Amrei’s many years of experience in the food-sector and her unconventional approach make her consulting a big gain for our team of nutritionists.

Daniel Hennig
Director Online-Marketing, schalk&friends gmbh

Thanks to her professionalism, Amrei was able to inspire the participants straight from the start of the workshop. With news ways of preparing food, the topic nutrition became a lot of fun.

VIP-Training Variable Individuelle Prävention GmbH

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