Gastronomic concepts for hotels, canteens, restraurants and catering businesses.

You are creating a new catering business or would like to change your actual offer and adapt it to your clients’ needs and desires?

CIVITA supports you to:

  • Create a concept (according to your wishes and to your target group, this can be anything from a new alignment of your hotel’s breakfast buffet, to a vegan menu for your restaurant, or a renewed menu for the staff cafeteria)
  • Develop recipes
  • Train your staff
  • Chose your suppliers and products
  • Control and maintain the quality

Most chefs are so busy with their daily business, that they barely have the time for new ideas, inspiration and creations. But the clients ask for vegan menus, lactose- and gluten-free dishes, gently poached or raw shredded ingredients. CIVITA is a competent consultant, so that your offer is up to date again and your clients are ravished.

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