Food is more than just a way to fill us up. It is supposed to taste good, to make us, the clients, the employees, and the customers happy and obviously healthy. Without suffering. Without fighting. Without any restriction. Food is supposed to be fun. And do us good.

But what one may like and digest well, is a no-no for someone else. Everybody eats differently. Some follow a vegan diet, others eat like they used to in the Stone Age and others again renounce to gluten or lactose.

To keep it short: Food matters to every single one of us. But: what are we still “allowed” to eat? What is healthy? What is bad? With all the information that reaches us regarding the topic, how are we supposed to still see through?

How to know what is right?

CIVITA will help you find out what is right for you. For your custumers, your employees and your clients – or just for yourself.

So that food makes you happy, healthy and full by all accounts.

Target groups


The health of employees has a direct impact on the success of a company. With CIVITA you will do good for your employees and, in consequence, also for your company!

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The demands and wishes of customers change constantly. But in the everyday hustle, who has the time, to adapt one’s concept all the time? CIVITA creates concepts for the catering industry that entusiasts your clients.

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Health is a process, for which everyone of us is responsible for ourselves. You wanna do yourself good? CIVITA will accompany you on your way to improved well-being and contentedness.

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As an athlete, you are constantly exposed to high pressure and often extreme conditions. At the same time your body has to be working perfectly all the time. CIVITA will support you to strengthen yourself from the inside with the right kinds of food, and this way, to reach your best form and keep it long-term.

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About me

Health and nutrition have been a fixed part of myself, my life and lifestyle for decades.

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