The demands and wishes of customers change constantly. But in the everyday hustle, who has the time, to adapt one’s concept all the time? CIVITA creates concepts for the catering industry that entusiasts your clients.

Most restaurant owners and chefs have more than enough to do with the daily business. So how to make time to pick up food trends and integrate them in your own concept? CIVITA develops concepts for and with you, that will suit you, your clients, your target group and your philosophy. Because only the ones who keep their offer up to date, will be able to keep their customers in the long-term and win new ones.

Staff canteens have the responsibility to nourish a big number of employees in the best possible way. At the same time, it is supposed to always taste great.

Hotels today a far more than just a place to sleep. They are temples for pleasure, wellness, relaxation, cultural and sport programmes on the side, and much more. The guests ask for ginger water when coming out of the sauna, gluten-free bread to go with their lunch snack and a yoga class to fill their afternoon, before they head to the exclusive cooking class with a fitted wine tasting at night.

CIVITA accompanies catering businesses such as canteens, restaurants, hotels and catering firms as a consultant in the following situations and occasions:

  • Start-ups
  • Reorganization
  • Change of generations
  • Adaption or extension of the existing concept
  • Staff catering
  • Nutritional challenges such as integrating vegan, lactose- or gluten-free meals

Amrei Korte has provided our kitchen team with a lot of new ideas, techniques and recipes. With that our offer has become fresher, healthier and more colorful – the clients are delighted!

Ricky Steinberg
Owner, Steinberg Gastronomie GmbH

Amrei Korte regularly gives advice and support to our company. Her personal and professional competence, paired with her creativity and passion lead to only great closures in our projects.

We appreciate Amrei Korte and her work a lot and we are always happy when she is on board!

Harald Cyriacus
General Manager, HF Catering GmbH

The cooking classes and events with Amrei Korte are colorful, instructive and a lot of fun for our business and final clients!

Dr. Daniel Kähler
Owner, Kochhaus Regensburg & Kochhaus Weißenburgerstaße, München

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