Solution-focused health coaching and individual nutrition.

There is very little that hasn’t been said or written about nutrition and health. And still: the uncertainty regarding the topic is tremendous. There is as well the pressure to do everything right and to be as healthy, fit, slim and beautiful as possible!

CIVITA supports you to find out what health means for you personally, how to get and stay healthy. Find out...

  • Which kind of diet works for you
  • What your body needs, so that it feels good and makes you feel good
  • How to ‘let go’ and that way expose yourself to less stress
  • How to make peace with your body and eat in an entirely relaxed way
  • What needs are actually hiding behind eating without physical hunger

Together we will develop alternative strategies, so that you do not abuse food, but enjoy it all the way. Or how you can easily do something for your health.

CIVITA Coaching is:

  • Systemic
  • Solution-focused
  • Comprehensive and holistic
  • A training of your somatic intelligence, and helps you to listen to the signals of your body and how to understand them
  • A possible way to activate your own resources and that way discover a totally new feeling for your body and your life

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