Health is a process, for which everyone of us is responsible for ourselves.. You wanna do yourself good? CIVITA will accompany you on your way to improved well-being and contentedness.

As a coach, my intention is to help you find out, what health in general and a healthy diet means for you personally. How do your belief system, your surrounding and your actual situation impact the way you eat? Which needs do you really want to satisfy, when you ‘need’ a whole box of chocolates?

You want to...

  • Make peace with yourself and your body?
  • Finally enjoy food again?
  • Find out which diet suits you best?
  • Experience and learn how to cook tasty meals in an easy way and how to nourish your body with important nutrients?
  • Find a diet that suits the whole family?
  • Know, what actually is still healthy?
  • Finally eat in a relaxed way again?
  • Learn how to read and understand the signals of your body again?
  • Know how to integrate more movement into your daily life?

In that case, CIVITA can be a valuable way for you.

CIVITA will not recommend you yet another diet. Neither will you receive strict rules. But CIVITA can help you to understand the way you eat and to slowly learn again, how to do yourself and your body good instead of fighting against yourself.

These steps will not happen in one day, it is not a crash diet for your mind, but a holistic process which will make diets useless for good.

Your work has opened and enabled a new way of thinking to me. To assume the responsibility for myself, the situation and my thoughts and actions. I am very grateful for that.

Miriam Flick

During the coaching with Amrei Korte I realized, which importance and meaning food represents for me. That differentiation enabled a selective enjoyment, which goes far beyond the food intake

The disseminated knowledge about fat, carbohydrates, etc. support my decisions about what to eat and what not.

Ingo W.

Something personal

As coaching is something personal, I want to share something personal about myself: I have tried all kinds of fad diets myself, stuffed myself and put my body through severe hunger and fitness regimes. Most of the time I hated my body and treated it accordingly. I had to get very ill and happily healthy again to understand how grateful I can be for my functioning body. And this new love has become an unending one. 

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